Shane Taylor on Teaming Up with Keith Lee Outside of WWE

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Shane Taylor on Teaming Up with Keith Lee Outside of WWE

Shane Taylor recently spoke about working with Keith Lee outside of the WWE. Keith Lee was one of the many wrestlers that were released by the WWE. Keith was actually one of the more famous wrestlers who was released. Shane was on

Over there, he spoke first about using Ring Of Honor’s hiatus as an opportunity to get better.

Shane Taylor Speaks About the Possibility of Teaming Up With Keith Lee

“I’m excited. I’m confident,” Taylor told

“I know that there’s a lot of sadness around it. For me and my guys, we were going to have to start making some choices come the end of this year about what we wanted to do in the future, goals, and things like that.

So all this does is really speed up the process”. Shane used to be Keith’s former tag team partner. There are rumors that suggest Shane is going to leave Ring of Honor. Many people believe he will partner up with Keith to fight inside of another promotion.

“Keith knows, we’ve talked, he knows that the door is always open,” Taylor said. “The door of STP is always open. There’s always going to be a spot for him, when and if he decides that’s the route he wants to go.

Right now, I know he’s got things going on, as well as getting married in February. There’s absolutely no rush to anything, but he knows that I’m only a call away. Of course, I would love to team up with him and whoop anybody’s ass that really wants some.

That’s any company, anywhere. If he wants us to do it, I’m in. Any company that feels like they want to bring in PBK, I’m sure we’ll talk. As long as the numbers add up, we can do business”. He also spoke about his goal at Final Battle.

“For me, my goal at Final Battle, if this is the last time people see me in a Ring of Honor ring, is to prove to those who have been watching, that they’ve been watching one of the best to ever do this,” Shane Taylor continued.

“One of the very best in the history in all of the company. To anybody that’s watching for the first time, show them exactly what they’ve been missing. Have that be my reintroduction to the wider world of professional wrestling.

Also, wrap up a story, to me, that deserves to the main event Final Battle and is the most compelling story that is going on right now. That’s myself versus Kenny King. I want that to be my signature match in Ring of Honor that when people look back.

If there was one match for them to remember, I want it to be that one. I want it to be something special for years to come”.