A Look Back at Tessa Blanchard’s Victory

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A Look Back at Tessa Blanchard’s Victory

Professional wrestlers are usually given a script and are told what they must say when cutting a promo. Most casual fans do not know that most important matches follow a script as well. WWE is notorious for not allowing its wrestlers to create anything and they are forced to follow whatever the creative team says.

That is the reason why most promos these days are not as impactful as the ones in the past! There are some indie promotions like Women of Wrestling that still allow a bit of creative freedom to its wrestlers. Tessa Blanchard is the current WOW champion and is a heel for the most part.

She defeated Jungle Grrrl after receiving help from The Beast. On last week’s episode David McLane called Tessa Blanchard to the ring to talk about her victory. McLane told Blanchard that he isn’t a fan of the route Blanchard took to become the WOW World Champion.

McLane reminded her about what she had done during the past few weeks and stated that she is a dirty fighter. Blanchard didn’t get effected by McLane’s words at all! In fact, it appeared that she didn’t regret anything that she did!

She even commented that she didn’t regret putting Santana Garrett's father to the ICU. She also bragged about being the first woman to successfully pin Jungle Grrrl for the first time at WOW.