Jay Lethal on Preferring to Work With ROH

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Jay Lethal on Preferring to Work With ROH

Ring of Honor may not be the biggest wrestling promotion of the world right now, but they had a very successful 2018. They had some of the best indie wrestlers of the world working for them and were able to deliver good products.

Some of their best talents left at the end of 2018, but that hasn’t stopped Ring of Honor from producing awesome products. Ring of Honor’s current World Champion is Jay Lethal who successfully defeated Cody Rhodes and prevented Cody from leaving the promotion with the title.

Lethal is the ROH’s top guy at the moment. Even though he is a popular wrestler, he has chosen to stick with ROH and didn’t move to any other promotion. He spoke to Sporting News about why he loves ROH so much. He stated that he wants to stay with ROH because they were there for him when he didn’t know how to wrestle much: "Here's the thing that made me fall in love with them.

Even when I was just that kid that didn't feel like I belonged, my skill level was nowhere near a CM Punk or Austin Aries or Alex Shelley at the time, but yet I was still wrestling with those guys. Even then, this company has always gone above and beyond for me.

This company has always taken great care of me. I've never had a reason to even dream about wanting to go somewhere else. I love this place."