Hiromu Takahashi Injury Update

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Hiromu Takahashi Injury Update

Professional wrestlers are forced to perform and take some very risky wrestling moves. These moves can sometimes go horribly wrong and the receiver can get badly injured. One of the worst types of wrestling injuries is neck injuries.

Neck injuries have ended the careers of many famous WWE superstars. Paige, Stone Cold, Edge and Sting are the names of a few of the famous superstars that had to quit wrestling due to neck injuries. Hiromu Takahashi is a famous NJPW wrestler who was placed on the shelf after suffering from a neck injury.

The injured occurred during the G1 Special in San Francisco. Takahashi failed to take a Phoenixplex from Dragon Lee properly and ended up injuring his neck. Even though he successfully defended his title, he had to vacate the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title as he wasn’t fit enough to continue fighting.

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Radio, Takahashi has been cleared to return to the ring and will most likely make a surprise appearance at an upcoming NJPW show. He will announce that he is ready to return to the ring if that happens.

His full-time return to NJPW might not happen immediately but it may happen sometime this year. Takashi made his debut back in August 28, 2010 and was considered at ‘Young Lion’. At the time of his injury, he was in his second run as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.