Booker T Speaks About Tony Khan’s Decision to Book ROH

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Booker T Speaks About Tony Khan’s Decision to Book ROH

Booker T, the legendary WWE superstar, recently spoke about Tony Khan’s decision to book Ring of Honor. ROH is a promotion that Tony recently bought. This is his first acquisition of an indie wrestling promotion ever since AEW launched nearly two years ago.

Tony Khan revealed that he would personally do all the booking for the promotion going forward. It appears that Tony really wishes to be hands-on with ROH. Booker T spoke about Tony’s decision on his podcast.

Booker T Talks About Tony Khan Deciding to Book Ring of Honor Matches

“Well, I don’t understand the idea of Tony Khan saying he’s going to book the shows at ROH,” Booker T said.

“Because you’ve already got a company over here. Why would you want to do something like that, first of all? There again, it’s just going to be us doing shows. Why do something like that when you’ve got a company over here that does shows? I don’t get it, I don’t understand it.

But maybe here in the future, we will all know exactly what the hell is going on”. Booker T then revealed that the hardest part of running a wrestling promotion is to actually have a roster full of talented wrestlers.

This is something that even WCW struggled with when they launched Thunder, which eventually resulted in the company losing the Monday Night Wars. “With wrestling, there again, when I have just about every wrestler under my banner out there on my programming, which is AEW, why would I try to fuel another roster? That’s what I am talking about,” he said.

“That part right there is the hardest part, I think, in wrestling, creating the show through and having really, really good wrestlers on the show. When you’ve got them all, what are you going to get them? That’s the question.

I am just trying to figure this thing out”. Booker T is still very famous inside the professional wrestling industry, even though he is no longer an active wrestler. He is a former five-time WCW champion and has fought some of WWE’s best superstars of all time.

WWE inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame twice. After he quit WWE as a full-time performer, he joined the commentary team. These days, he is well known for running his podcast called the ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast.