Deonna Purrazzo's future is uncertain

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Deonna Purrazzo's future is uncertain

As you all know, the CEO of All Elite Wrestling personally bought the Ring Of Honor, which at the end of 2021 temporarily closed its doors by firing all the wrestlers who were part of the roster. But obviously, the company's belts have been kept alive and one of these, the one for the female category, is currently held by Deonna Purrazzo, who is defending it at IMPACT together with the Reina de Reinas of the AAA, lately specifically with an open challenge.

Deonna Purrazzo revealed the conversations that took place between herself and Triple H with regards to their potential debut.

New details on Deonna Purrazzo's future

Purrazzo said Triple H was like, "'You might not get the chance to be on TV every week in the ring, but if we can do backstage stuff or things that are done at home.

Just come up with any and all ideas and shoot them to Creative.' We did that. We did that twice and we never heard anything back, and then it was that Chelsea was going to debut without me but I would come in when I was ready.

I probably squashed that a little bit because I flipped out!" Now that Tony Khan, very close to AEW, has finally bought the Ring Of Honor, Deonna Purrazzo will probably be able to challenge one of her best friends in the business, namely Dr.

Britt Baker. During an interview on Muscle Man Malcolm, the Virtuosa confirmed that she wants to challenge her, but is unable to say what the relationship between her and Ring Of Honor is now that Tony Khan has bought her. "Oh, I'd love to defend him against Britt Baker.

But there are also many other women in AEW that you know, and of course, I don't know what will become of my relationship with Ring Of Honor and the purchase of Tony Khan, there are A lot of unanswered questions for everyone right now, and everything is just a little bit up in the air.

But I would love to be on Supercard of Honor, if I am asked to be there, I will be there 100% defending my Ring of Honor Women's World Championship. But yeah, it's Britt. We have talked about it for years. I feel like now is the time, but there is a squadron of female talent there that I think could really be shown better and more.

I'd like to fight Kris Statlander. I would like to fight with Leyla Hirsch. I would like to fight with Red Velvet. There are so many women there that I would challenge for the first time and potential dream matches. Then we ran into him again to get a call to go to RAW and we heard that it was potentially to do a tag match but nothing was ever confirmed, so, as far as being called up, we don't know.

I think we just kind of took those opportunities, me with Asuka, her with Charlotte, and just killed them."