Chavo Guerrero on Exclusive Deals

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Chavo Guerrero on Exclusive Deals

Wrestling promotions make money by signing the best wrestlers and characters. They sometimes produce new characters themselves. Wrestling promotions usually try their best to keep their best wrestlers. Famous professional wrestlers have a huge fan base which follows them wherever they go.

A wrestling promotion tends to lose millions of dollars if a wrestler with a huge fan base leaves. Some professional wrestlers are forced to sign exclusive deals which prevent them from signing with another promotion. Only a few wrestling promotions allow their wrestlers to work for other promotions as well.

Exclusive deals can hurt the career of a wrestler very badly. Some wrestlers cannot grow if they do not work for a number of different promotions. In the past, a few WWE wrestlers quit the WWE due to this reason. They simply felt that they were not growing.

Lucha Underground star Chavo Guerrero was a guest at the WINCLY podcast recently where he talked about exclusive deals. He is also a producer. He stated: "I don't know if everybody has the same deal," admitted Guerrero.

"I know originally with Lucha Underground in the first season, nobody could work for anybody. You could do indie shots, but no other TVs." "I don't know their contracts," stated Guerrero. "I don't wanna know their contracts.

I try to stay out of that stuff. That's not my forte and that's not what I wanna do…That's just above my pay grade and I kind of keep it that way. All I know is that with my contract I can do what I wanna do."