ROH: Samoa Joe returned to ROH


ROH: Samoa Joe returned to ROH

In recent months, WWE has gone on to fire numerous personalities behind the scenes at NXT, with all the trusted staff on Triple H's staff being excluded from future plans for the company's color show, such as William Regal, Road Dogg, Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor and many other members of the creative team and the management of the third WWE brand.

One of the names who left the federation for the second time in a short time, after a first sacking arrived a year ago, is the former NXT absolute champion, Samoa Joe, with the talent of Samoan origins that he left with no few hesitations the WWE development circuit, after becoming one of its most important road agents and coaches.

Vince McMahon had already tried to do without the talent of the Samoan Submission Machine, but in the end, Triple H had immediately recalled him, making him return to the NXT rings, even as a wrestler, so much so that he also won the absolute title of the color brand of the federation.

Giri believes that ROH has either already signed RUSH or the terms for a new deal have already been finalized. Either way, it doesn't seem like RUSH will be leaving his current company anytime soon.

Samoa Joe returns to ROH

During the night, among the many events that took place in Texas dedicated to pro-wrestling, there was also the last ppv of the reborn Ring of Honor, a company that had closed due to bankruptcy only a few months ago and which has now returned to new life thanks to the new leadership of Tony Khan, who bought the federation.

In the ppv of the ROH, in which the match between Jonathan Gresham and Bandido was staged, valid for the Undisputed ROH World Championship, there was also a great surprise for the fans of the American company, with Samoa Joe who made his resounding return after years.

All this, of course, does not constitute a debut but a return, given that Samoa Joe has already worked in ROH before arriving in the former TNA rings and then on those of the WWE. After a hubbub that lasted several minutes, with the new ROH champion and several other characters coming to blows in the ring, such as Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Gresham himself, Samoa Joe also arrived to make his surprise entrance, with the ring attire on, so as to make it clear that he is ready for the fight.

During his entry, Ian Riccaboni however announced that Samoa Joe will also be at AEW Dynamite next week, which therefore provides for the signing of a contract with AEW, as well as an appearance in ROH.

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