David Finlay Responds to Supporters

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David Finlay Responds to Supporters

Wrestling professionally is not easy and a professional wrestler has to fight through a lot of pain very often. Wrestlers take bumps, week in, week out. Bumps hurt, and they have very bad long term effects. Wrestlers get injured during a match and they still manage to complete the matches somehow.

It takes a lot of determination to continue fighting, even when injured. Triple H once tore his quad and still continued to fight. The injury could have ended his career and but he made it back into the ring. Wrestlers are tough individuals and not everyone can do what they do even though it looks easy.

David Finlay is a professional wrestler and is the son of Finlay, who was a WWE Wrestler. Finlay dislocated his shoulder during an NJPW/ROH event in a losing effort. He managed to pop his shoulder back in place, but the damage was already done.

Finlay has been out of action ever since. He is still recovering, but it seems like he is recovering well! Finlay stated on his Twitter that his “labrum is torn”. He will require surgery to reattach it. He also thanked his Twitter followers.

Tears are common wrestling injuries but can also end a wrestler’s career. A wrestler needs all of his body parts to be working correctly to perform well. Wrestling promotions know this very well and do not allow an injured wrestler to wrestle.