Flip Gordon's comeback stutters after re-injury to knee

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Flip Gordon's comeback stutters after re-injury to knee

Flip Gordon, according to a statement issued by Ring of Honor on 26th March, has compounded his knee injury following his participation in Over the Top Wrestling in Northern Ireland on 24th March. The re-injury has derailed his participation at the upcoming ROH event Road to G1 Supercard to be held on 31st March in Baltimore.

In its statement, ROH said, "..(Gordon) was able to make his flight home and visited his doctor this morning. There is concern that Gordon may have suffered a "bucket handle" meniscus tear, which would require surgery and keep him out of action for four-to-six months.

The extent of the injury will not be known until the results of Gordon's MRI exam are in. " Back in January 2019, Gordon had sustained an MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) tear in his knee. Following the doctor's directives, Gordon returned to the ring after being allowed to do so after nearly two months.

However, his return did not go well by the looks of it as, going by ROH statement, his knee ended up getting "locked up" Despite this setback, there is still some good news for Gordon and ROH's fans who are planning to go to the G1 Supercard Festival of Honor event on 5th April to be held in Hulu Theater at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Hopefully, more good news will follow.