Cary Silkin Comments on Whether AEW Has Done Enough for ROH

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Cary Silkin Comments on Whether AEW Has Done Enough for ROH

Cary Silkin is the former owner of one of the most well-known wrestling promotions in the US called Ring Of Honor, and he recently spoke about whether AEW has done enough for ROH since acquiring it. Ring of Honor started in 2002 and since then have created a number of good wrestlers.

Some of those wrestlers are working for the WWE right now. Even legendary superstar, Cm Punk was a very popular ROH wrestler before he joined the WWE.

Cary Silkin Believes AEW Has to Do More for ROH

The company went on a hiatus in December 2021.

It is suspected that they could not operate during the pandemic. Other promotions, like WWE and AEW could as they had a lot of money to continue operating without a problem. AEW President, Tony Khan, bought the company recently and has since then been leading the company.

Since acquiring the company ROH has held two PPVs. Those being Supercard of Honor and Death Before Dishonor. Tony Khan has taken several roles in AEW and ROH as he is the leader for both companies. He is currently the CEO and booker at AEW.

He also has to look after the Jacksonville Jaguars and is working with EPL football team, Fulham. Since Tony Khan has a lot on his plate, Cary spoke about whether AEW is doing ROH justice over the past few months. "No, not yet," Silkin said, appearing on "Busted Open." "Maybe Tony Khan will hear this and not be happy with what I said ...

He's got so many people there that he's going to use contracted AEW guys as opposed to bringing in Dalton Castle regularly or bringing in a Matt Taven or whoever else. Hopefully some of these guys who are fringe but worthy wrestling talent like Taven, like Mike Bennett, other guys have signed with Impact already." One of the top stars in the professional wrestling industry, Chris Jericho recently won the ROH World Title at AEW Grand Slam Dynamite.

This has apparently led many to believe that Tony is looking for a TV deal for ROH. "I would like to see the brand represented. Absolutely Chris Jericho brings more attention to the ROH letters, but, you know, he's got Claudio there," Cary Silkin continued.

"He's got Bryan Danielson there, Jay Lethal who I feel has not been used to his best ability at all."