Booker T Speaks About ROH Possibly Becoming a Stand Alone Brand

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Booker T Speaks About ROH Possibly Becoming a Stand Alone Brand

Booker T is a legendary professional wrestler, and he spoke about ROH possibly becoming a stand along brand in the future. On AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Chris Jericho managed to beat Claudio Castagnoli to become the new ROH World Champion.

Since Chris Jericho is one of the biggest stars in the world, there is a chance that Tony Khan might have done this to make an ROH TV Deal possible. There is a chance that Tony Khan actually wants ROH to become its very own brand as right now, it is kind of part of AEW Programming.

Booker T States that Making ROH a Separate Brand is Not Necessarily a Good Idea

Ring of Honor actually used to be a very popular wrestling promotion, as some popular former WWE joined ROH after they left the WWE. However, the pandemic hurt them badly and Tony Khan eventually bought them.

"I think it's smart trying to put some light on that Ring of Honor title," Booker said. "I haven't heard about any Ring of Honor shows ... but if you're trying to keep that ... Ring of Honor name alive, to have the title on someone like Chris Jericho, I think it does that.

I think it's important if you plan on doing something with that brand down the road." However, Booker T does not believe that making ROH a separate brand is necessarily a good idea. "I think it would really be hard for Tony Khan to run AEW Dynamite, Rampage, and a totally different organization in ROH," Booker continued.

"House shows ... TV, as well as having a strong enough roster to be able to create different storylines opposed to the storylines you're creating on AEW Rampage, Dynamite. It would blow his freaking mind." "For me personally, the brand would be scrapped and the archive would be used for AEW promo packages and what not," Booker continued.

"But as far as trying to create a ROH brand, to where you're competing against Dynamite as well as Rampage, I just think you're just putting a whole lot on your plate there and I just don't think it's possible to be honest." Booker T may have a point as Tony Khan already has a lot of things on his plate.

He also looks after the Jacksonville Jaguars and EPL football team, Fulham. There is a chance that he might not be able to give proper time to every brand that he owns.

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