Vampiro is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

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Vampiro is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
Vampiro is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (Provided by Wrestling World)

Vampiro was a famous WCW superstar and is the current AA Director of Talent. His feud with Sting was quite memorable, and he was a very dark character. He never reached the top of the WCW, but he was still quite a big name there.

Professional wrestlers put their bodies on the line, and they suffer brain injuries in the ring sometimes. Dedicated professional wrestlers choose to wrestle even after they are injured, which can cause problems after a while.

Vampiro reported on Facebook to his fans that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is a very bad condition, as suffers suffer from severe memory loss as the disease progresses. Vampiro is about 52 years old and he is a former WCW Tag Team Champion.

He was known for his use of blood in most of his matches as well as his unique finishing move called ‘Nail in The Coffin’. This is what he wrote on Facebook: "Got some results from the doctor yesterday," he wrote.

"Not the best of news. But in my heart I know it's a fight I am gonna win. I am not worried about anything. I am worried about how I can give more back to everyone who needs support. I Don't give a f--k about being sick , as me and my doctors have a plan! And I will be fine!"