Joey Ryan on Exiting Lucha Underground

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Joey Ryan on Exiting Lucha Underground

Even though there are number of successful indie promotions in the world, none of them are as successful as the WWE. They simply do not have the star power or the money required to beat the WWE. The WWE is on top of the wrestling promotion and will stay on top unless a promotion with a lot of money tries to take them down.

The WWE has been on top for a huge number of years. Lucha Underground is a famous promotion, but their future in uncertain. Joey Ryan was one of the wrestlers who was signed with Lucha Underground. He is now no longer part of the promotion and is a free agent.

He spoke about his time at Lucha Underground on an Impact Wrestling media call. "I feel like for me to be completely free of any contracts and open to negotiate with anybody, there's now no Lucha Underground step that anybody has to take to get me," said Ryan.

"They can come directly to me and I can negotiate with anybody. There's no restriction. "Not only does it open more options for me to go to, but the places I do want to go to now maybe have to dig a little deeper in their pocketbooks because I can literally show up to anywhere at any time.

I loved the product and loved the crew and the producers and writers. I would work there forever, if there was work. The problem is that there is not work," revealed Ryan