Joey Janela Bashes Enzo Amore

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Joey Janela Bashes Enzo Amore

A few WWE superstars get fired by the WWE, and they are usually fired because they made a terrible mistake while working for the big promotion. Then there are wrestlers that don’t leave the WWE on good terms. It is very rare to see a wrestler not talk trash about the WWE once he/she leaves the WWE.

Only the most professional wrestlers refrain from saying anything that can damage the WWE’s reputation after they leave. Most WWE Superstars quit the WWE after they feel like they are being mistreated by the WWE or if they believe they are not progressing fast enough.

Enzo Amore was a WWE Wrestler, and he didn’t leave the WWE on the best of terms. He is now known at nZo on the independent circuit. Joey Janela is also a famous independent wrestler and he bashed nZo on his Twitter account recently.

He stated that he thinks nZo is ruining the wrestling business by making a joke out of it. Janela's full tweet was: "Just saying this, straight up if nZo wants some buzz, he can come shoot with me next year at GCW Wrestling Bloodsport.

I'll do 4-6 months of whatever MMA Training Barnett Recommends so I don't make a fool out of his art, the way nZo makes a joke out of the wrestling business..." Brody King, former ROH Tag Champ, responded to Janela by saying, “Bless You”.