Maria Kanellis Bennett on a potential collaboration with Tony Khan in ROH

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Maria Kanellis Bennett on a potential collaboration with Tony Khan in ROH
Maria Kanellis Bennett on a potential collaboration with Tony Khan in ROH (Provided by Wrestling World)

In a conversation with Just Alyx, Maria Kanellis Bennett talked about the option of cooperation with Tony Khan in ROH. However, Kanellis Bennett seems to have other priorities at the moment. “So we’ve talked in the past about the ROH women’s division and, because there’s no real path moving forward in terms of knowing if there is gonna be a TV or not, we don’t really talk about that anymore.

As far as what we’ve been doing on AEW, it’s very much tag team wrestling focused. My goal right now is getting tag team gold on The Kingdom. That’s my main focus. So I don’t really think about anything else because it’s really important to be successful as a tag team”.

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Kanellis Bennett on Social Media

In the same interview, she touched on an interesting topic and problem that has been increasing lately. It's about social media. Wrestlers are dissatisfied with the treatment they have there, and freedom of speech sometimes has bad consequences.

“I’ve unintentionally taken a little break from a lot of social media stuff because, yeah, it does. It takes the fun out of wrestling. It’s like, ‘Just give me a minute!’. We’re gonna figure it out.

Just give me a minute, you know? Or you’ll see somebody in the ring and they’ll stumble or maybe they slip off the top rope or something will happen in the match. That was just one moment. What about the rest of the match? What about how they recover? What about every other move that wasn’t considered a [botch]? If we remember to still have fun and not get in our own way of criticizing everything, that’s when we can actually enjoy ourselves.

But when we get on social media and say, ‘I don’t like this and I don’t like that!’. It takes the fun out of things. Like when [Kenny Omega and] the Young Bucks came back [at Full Gear] and you’re watching that.

It’s a fantastic match. Just let yourself enjoy it! I don’t want to hear, ‘oh well back in the 80s…’ OKAY!?? I’ll watch a match from the 80s and enjoy that too! Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to have fun. Let’s just have fun while we watch wrestling”.

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