NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis Q and A

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NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis Q and A

There are a few popular promotions besides the WWE. Some of the promotions produce incredible wrestlers. They end up joining the WWE after they build a fan base and are spotted by the WWE’s talent hunt team. Then there are certain wrestlers that work for the WWE and then leave the WWE to work on the indie circuit.

They get famous over there! NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis held a Q and A session on Twitter. He is a well-known wrestler and worked for TNA for some time. He was asked many questions and he even provided wrestling tips to some of the people that were interested in wrestling.

The names of his favorite opponents: "Cody, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy." What does he think about his run at TNA: "Most of it. I was getting paid to learn. 2014 was the drizzling shizits but I got a raise so take the rough with the smooth."

Which wrestlers is he interested in wrestling: "Okada, Hangman, Andrade, Orton, Bandido, Ospreay for guys I've never faced." What inspired him to become a wrestler.: "It's a tie: Wrestlemania 15, Rock vs Austin and Backlash 2000 HHH v The Rock.

It's when I realized I wanted to be like the bad guy and gravitated to that more." Which former NWA Champion does he want to wrestle: "The Great Muta." Who is his favorite NWA Champion: "Harley Race without question."