Bandido on Japan and NJPW

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Bandido on Japan and NJPW

Mexico is well known for producing high flying wrestlers! Some of the best high flying wrestlers in the history of the WWE came from Mexico. Mexico has also produced some of the best cruiserweights of the world. Most Mexican professional wrestling superstars work in the indie circuit.

They sign with one promotion and then another promotion a few years later. If they get very popular, they end up in the WWE. Bandido is one of the most famous Mexican high flying wrestlers of the world outside of the WWE. He is at the moment a Ring of Honor wrestler.

Bandido was interviewed by where he stated that he wants to work in Japan. "It would be a dream come true to represent Mexico in the Best of the Super Jr., or in any other New Japan Pro Wrestling tournament," Bandido responded.

"Before signing with ROH it was impossible for me, because you have to be signed to CMLL in Mexico if you wanna do something like that. But now that I have this contract with ROH, I hope the partnership helps." He also stated that he wants to work outside of Mexico.

"I'd rather do Japan," Bandido said. "Actually, I trained in CMLL and they never gave me an opportunity. When I talked with them, they told me that there was no plan for me, and that's fair. Now I have a bigger name and I'm doing more things, so I think I'm gonna work more outside Mexico now rather than stay there."