Tony Khan reveals plans for ROH in 2023

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Tony Khan reveals plans for ROH in 2023
Tony Khan reveals plans for ROH in 2023 (Provided by Wrestling World)

AEW President Tony Khan spoke to the media about his plans for ROH. Khan revealed details about the PPV and his plans. He obviously knows how to do a great job. “So we have done a soft launch, when I acquired Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting earlier this year, one of the assets, there were a lot of really cool assets that nobody had put a lot of thought into, but they had actually done a lot of development work when we were really far along with a new HonorClub, and we paid the development cost since then, and it is now functional.

There is now actually, if you go, it has a great library of Ring of Honor content, including the two pay-per-views we’ve done this year. My plan is to keep the pay-per-views out 90 days, so 90 days from now, in mid-March, you’d get this pay-per-view.

But it’s actually operational, and it’s $9.99”. - Tony Khan said, as quoted by


New Japan Pro-Wrestling is an indispensable part of this story. Tony Khan believes that they can be of great help and cooperation with them is very important to him.

“The TV is going to live there. There’s going to be big participation from New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I feel like pretty confidently, I can say, based on our relationship, they wanna be involved. You saw tonight some great wrestlers from New Japan, and also some of our wrestlers have been going there.

So I think you could see wrestlers from Ring of Honor going to New Japan. The TV on the HonorClub, I’ll announce when it’s going to start,” Khan said. “But I think it makes a lot of sense for us, given that I want New Japan to be focused on it and involved, they’re gonna be all hands on deck for Wrestle Kingdom.

We also have a really big January. That January 4 show represents one year on TV for us, a debut in a new market in Seattle. That happens to be when Wrestle Kingdom is happening. I think we have a lot, AEW and New Japan, to focus on coming out of January 4.

We also have the show at The Forum on January 11 that’s very important to AEW. So I think regrouping after Wrestle Kingdom and coming back after these AEW shows in Seattle and Los Angeles, it makes a lot of sense after that to come back, and we’ll have the announcement soon after that about the launch of Ring of Honor TV. I’m excited about it”.

Tony Khan