KiLynn King on Holding Another Empowerrr Event


KiLynn King on Holding Another Empowerrr Event

KiLynn King, a very famous NWA Superstar, recently spoke about doing another Empowerrr event. The NWA actually organized an event called Empowerrr which was an all-female event. It featured stars from AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA, AAA and some from the indie scene.

NWA President, Billy Corgan, received a lot of heat when he stated that Empowerrr will not be an annual event. Many people believe that the way he addressed this was actually incorrect and that is the reason why there was a huge miscommunication.

KiLynn King Talks About Empowerrr Event and Billy Corgan's Comments

He addressed why the event won’t be held annually. However, the way he said it might have been the reason why people really didn’t like what he was saying.

He basically stated that women won’t be available all the time to wrestle Empowerrr and also it would be difficult for women to carry a 3 hour PPV event. King is now featured almost regularly on NWA after she first appeared at Empowerrr.

She was asked about Corgan’s comment on the Putting You Over podcast. "I only heard part of the interview. I'm not one-hundred percent sure what they said or how they phrased it, but I think it was a miscommunication between what was said," King explained.

"The internet likes to take things and go wild with it. I think there's a crap ton of female talent on the independents, in major companies, all over. I know for a fact the women at Impact would love to do something like that.

There's so many talented women that there's absolutely the possibility for Empowerrr 2." According to King, there were many people that actually helped put together Empowerrr. She stated in order to hold another Empowerrr, those forces will have to be joined once again.

There were actually a few legends of the industry that helped put together the event. Two of them are Mickie James and Gail Kim. Mickie James was the executive producer for the event, and she is actually a WWE legend. Gail Kim, Medusa, Jazz and LuFisto actually helped produce the show.

"I think we will get it. I think it's gonna happen, it's just a matter of when and where," King concluded. KiLynn King is slowly and steadily getting famous in the US. She has never appeared for the WWE before, and she stated during the podcast that if the WWE was to approach her, she would join the WWE.

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