PCO on Enzo And Cass Invasion

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PCO on Enzo And Cass Invasion

Invasion angles have been a huge part of the professional wrestling world. It was an old school method that many promotions used to promote each other and individual wrestlers. Although invasions are rare, they can still happen and sometimes, the wrestlers of one promotion may not even know about the invasion angle happening.

Although Ring of Honor and NJPW are not as big as the WWE, they are still quite a popular promotion. They can put out some entertaining shows for their fans and some of their wrestlers are now part of the WWE. PCO and Brody King of Villain Enterprises are two of the best talents of the promotion and they were at the G1 Supercard.

According to PCO, the wrestlers did not know about the Enzo and Cass invasion. He spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast. "There was a lot of controversy about what happened. For me, I was just worrying about my back because I took a double powerbomb from 12-14 feet in the air straight to the concrete floor," PCO said before adding that hell broke loose when Enzo and Cass showed up.

He didn't know what was going on and was wondering if he was going to have to legitimately slug some invader. "I didn't know what was going on because nobody knew nothing about this. I just came back from TV tapings in Pittsburgh and Columbus…and I got back yesterday and there was no Enzo and no Cass at those events.

I haven't heard anything from the office so I don't know what's going on with that. Are they signed? Are they not signed?”