Seth Rollins and Konnan react to the death of Jay Briscoe

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Seth Rollins and Konnan react to the death of Jay Briscoe
Seth Rollins and Konnan react to the death of Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe died in a car accident two days ago. His death left a big mark on everyone and caused great sadness among wrestling fans. Seth Rollins sent a long message. He emphasized how great a man Briscoe was, ready to help everyone.

"Being in the ring with Jay Briscoe got me my first ROH contract. He and Mark being so selfless helped Jimmy [Jacobs] and I find our footing as AOTF [Age of the Fall tag team]. Without him, I don’t know if Tyler Black could ever have been Seth Rollins.

After I signed with WWE, Jay would come to the Salisbury house shows to drink beer and to hoot and holler. He loved the business and he was a great human and friend. Bigger than that he was an absolutely adoring father and husband.

He had a twinkle in his eye and hug waiting for me no matter how long we went without seeing each other. I’m crushed knowing that warmth is gone. My thoughts are with his family and friends. He was special”. - Rollins wrote on Twitter.

Konnan on Briscoe's death

Another big star, Konnan, reacted to Jay's death during an episode of the “Keeping It 100” podcast. “Our condolences on the show to Jay Briscoe. I always kicked it a lot, well not a lot, but a lot of times with the Briscoes.

I remember the first time that I went to Ring of Honor and Homicide introduced me to them as, ‘These guys are a bunch of Delaware hillbillies’, which is what they were, but always nice, always nice to me, always cool.

We wanted them to come into AAA. We were going to have them in this year, but they were so booked. It was incredible. I must have asked them for eight dates and they were busy all eight times. So really sad that this happened, and you know, rest in peace, my brother”.

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