David Arquette on His Serious Injury

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David Arquette on His Serious Injury

Although most wrestlers need years of training before being allowed to compete in the ring, they sometimes still both a few moves. The botches moves can be really bad for a wrestler that is at the receiving end of it. Some high flying moves can go really badly for a few wrestlers.

In fact, some wrestlers have suffered severe neck injuries in the past after a failed high flying move. Deathmatches are the most brutal types of matches that are in the world of professional wrestling. They are not held in the WWE, but indie promotions hold them sometimes.

David Arquette made his return to wrestling recently, but suffered an almost career ending injury recently. His neck got cut really badly and the cut was really deep. He was immediately taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

He can still wrestle fortunately. He was on the WINCLY podcast to talk about the injury. "One thing wrestling fans do appreciate is when you put it all in the ring," Arquette said before adding that he had a recent match with Timothy Thatcher at Joey Ryan's Penis Party.

The match was alright, but it wasn't as good as Arquette wanted it to be. "I'm learning a lot as I go through all of this and I just hope to get better and better and keep entertaining the fans."