David Arquette on Ken Anderson Match

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David Arquette on Ken Anderson Match

Most professional wrestlers retire when they grow old and do not make a comeback. Some wrestlers get injured badly and they are forced to retire. A few wrestlers that didn’t do well when they were younger did well after they got older.

The WWE has a number of legendary wrestlers and Hall of Famers that run with the company. They come out of retirement for a final match or for a run and even end up winning a title belt sometimes. There are a few legendary wrestlers that work outside the WWE as well.

David Arquette is a former WCW wrestler, and he will wrestle Ken Anderson at Legend of Wrestling. The event will take place this Saturday. Arquette was at the WINCLY podcast to speak about the match with Ken Anderson. He stated that it will be a hard match.

"I think it's gonna be a schooling on both sides. Him trying to school me on real wrestling and me schooling him on studying it," Arquette said. "Everything with me is still a little sloppy. But I've been training in the ring with Peter Avalon.

You can only learn so much [by studying] and then you really learn in the ring. I still have more to do even with one year of training." He also spoke about how wrestling matches take place. "Sometimes it's like choreographed MMA with super hard shots and the bumps are super stuff. Bully Ray put me through a table and I didn't walk for three weeks," stated Arquette.