David Starr Sends a Message to ROH

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David Starr Sends a Message to ROH

Although the WWE is very well known for not treating wrestlers properly, it isn’t exactly true! There are many famous indie promotions are not good at treating their wrestlers well either. Indie promotions are not as organized as the WWE is, and that can lead to problems.

Ring of Honor is a famous indie promotion. Some famous indie wrestlers worked at Ring of Honor and are not part of the WWE. David Starr is a famous ROH wrestler and he was all set to fight for the ROH World Title. The match was going to take place on the 21st of April at Berale Club in Central Israel.

It appears that the title match will not be happening. He will still fight Jay Lethal at Israeli Pro Wrestling Association's Passover Bash 2019. Jay Lethal is no longer the ROH World Champion. Starr was told that he would fight the champion!

If Lethal would lose to title to Matt Taven, which he did, Starr would then face, Taven. This was according to an article that was released on the ROH website. Starr sent a message to ROH through his Twitter by saying: "Dear Ring of Honor and Sinclair Broadcasting, want to explain why you decided to lie to IPWA & the Israeli wrestling fans? Regardless, the fans will get everything I have when I face Jay, but maybe its time you should reconsider the "honor" part of your name."