Lightening and Hawaiian on GLOW Training

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Lightening and Hawaiian on GLOW Training

GLOW was a very famous indie promotion back in the day. Netflix is about to make a series based on GLOW and many of the GLOW originals are pretty darn excited about it. GLOW had some of the best wrestling stars working for them at that time.

Lightening and Royal Hawaiian were two GLOW originals and they started training together. They were on the WINCLY podcast, and they spoke about their training. Hawaiian was one of the top girls at GLOW and she spent a lot of her time training other girls.

"The pilot was where Jeanie and I started, and we were trained by Mondo Guerrero , and then from there, we went to Vegas, and then I was one of the first trainers to train the new girls that were added for season one," Royal Hawaiian said.

"It was myself and Americana who were the trainers who trained the original season one girls. I was at the beginning but then people lost track of me because after season one, I got hurt and I left so then the seasons 2, 3, and 4, I didn't know all of those girls except the originals that were in season one”.

"I'll tell you right now," Lightening added. "When I got there and we were training or whatever, I kept looking towards all my favorites and Hollywood and Royal Hawaiian were two of my favorites. I was a total fan of both of there's before I even got there."