Royal Hawaiian on Netflix Series Not Being Family Friendly

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Royal Hawaiian on Netflix Series Not Being Family Friendly

GLOW is short for Gorgeous Women of Wrestling. It was a wrestling promotion that was mostly just for women and many of the talented female wrestlers of its time competed in it. Even though it had a few very talented women, it could still not beat the WWE at that time.

Netflix just brought some attention to GLOW by making a series based off of it. Unfortunately, none of the GLOW originals were included in the making of the series. That is why, some parts of the series are not accurate, especially the use of drugs and alcohol.

Royal Hawaiian is a GLOW original and she talked about how the series is not at all family friendly. "When it came out, I was excited just for the fact that it was there. A show was now being produced about our show 30 years ago, and it was exciting just to have that out.

And then to watch the show, like Hollywood said, yes, there are things that are going to be done and for the most part, the idea of the show was there," Royal Hawaiian said. "Our show was a family show. Every Saturday, when we filmed in Las Vegas, we had kids all over.

They would wait to see us after the show and shake our hands, and get autographs, and what-have-you. So, the Netflix show, you can't have kids watching that. But guess what? Netflix knows how to get viewers."