Kushida Speaks About Taking on Coaching Role


Kushida Speaks About Taking on Coaching Role

About a week ago, NJPW launched the New Japan Academy. It was an extension of their LA Dojo, which is currently in the United States. This school will most likely perform very well as it will be under the hands of Fred Rosser.

Fred is the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion. It will also be under the hands of Kushida, who is one of the most popular NJPW superstars in the world. Kushida recently spoke about what the Japan Academy is trying to do, and how it will move going forward.

Kushida Talks About What The New NJPW Academy Aims To Do

"In simple terms, Academy is a wrestling school, and one where you still get that NJPW history, the culture and the technique," KUSHIDA said. "But on top of that, we can also prepare you for MMA, or for lucha, or for a US television style.

There's a lot of different thought processes to the business, and we'll be cognizant of that. So within that, I don't really see myself as a coach so much as someone that can help everyone come through feel and experience the ideas and the techniques behind Japanese wrestling.

I really see this as a big learning and growth experience for myself as well, and I'll be approaching this with every bit of the focus I bring to my matches. I want there to be give and take." NJPW is a popular wrestling promotion in the world, but is nowhere near the level that WWE or AEW is.

First of all, most people that watch NJPW are Japanese. That being said, some of the best wrestlers of all time were trained in Japan. Some of them even joined the WWE where they became WWE legends. Some former NJPW wrestlers work for AEW and WWE even right now.

Kushida also spoke about what he, NJPW and Fred will be looking for in wrestlers that join the academy. According to Kushida, he will be looking at wrestlers that will be open to anything and will not limit themselves to the style of one coach.

"Wrestlers don't learn from one coach and then that's it, finished product," Kushida said. "There's more to it than that. So what I want are people who have that inquisitive nature and open-minded approach. I'm not going to say I'm about teaching people everything, or creating a group of wrestlers in my image. But I'll be looking for people with potential, you know?"