Bully Ray on Impact Asking Him to Return

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Bully Ray on Impact Asking Him to Return

Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz are two of the most famous wrestling tag teams of all time. Their move set was super unique and nobody has been able to capture the crowd the way they used to. The Hardy Boyz is still very active, but Bully Ray from the Dudley Boyz is now wrestling as a solo wrestler.

The Hardy Boyz left Impact Wrestling in 2017. This happened because the contract negotiations didn’t go well. Bully Ray was at that time working on the indie circuit and was doing alright. On the Chris Jericho podcast, Bully Ray spoke about the time when Impact Wrestling called him when the Hardy Boyz left.

He didn’t accept their offer at that time. "The minute The Hardyz left Impact I said to myself that within 24 hours my phone is going to ring and about 16 hours later my phone rang," Bully Ray said. "I knew what they were going to come back with and they came and backed up the Brinks truck.

Not Chris Jericho money, but they offered me a lot of money to come back”. Bully Ray made a return to the WWE with his tag team partner D-Van and had some memorable matches in the WWE. Outside of the WWE, the Dudley Boyz used to call themselves Team 3D as they couldn’t use Dudley.