KAIRI Speaks About Wrestling Mercedes Outside of WWE

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KAIRI Speaks About Wrestling Mercedes Outside of WWE
KAIRI Speaks About Wrestling Mercedes Outside of WWE (Provided by Wrestling World)

For some wrestlers, the WWE is not the platform that really does it for them. Most professional wrestlers join the WWE to get famous. Only a few of them make it to the top of the company. That being said, any wrestler that has worked for the WWE during any point in their careers often get a lot of interest from other promotions, especially if they are technically good.

In fact, some wrestlers that failed in their first WWE run succeeded in their second WWE run, after having a successful run in another wrestling promotion. An example of a wrestler that did well during their second WWE run in the WWE is Drew McIntyre.

KAIRI States That She Had Goosebumps During Her Match with Mercedes

An example of a wrestler that did well outside of the WWE after leaving it is KAIRI. Inside of the WWE, she was called Kairi Sane. After leaving the WWE she worked for various wrestling promotions, such as STARDOM, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

NJPW is not very famous in the US, but in Japan, they are the biggest wrestling promotion and is also the home of many professional wrestling legends. In NJPW, KAIRI won the IWGP Women’s title last November. She did that by beating Mayu Iwatani.

Since then, Sasha Banks has joined the indie wrestling circuit after leaving the WWE. She is now known as Mercedes Mone, and KAIRI had a chance to fight Mercedes one more time. While speaking to WrestlingNewsCo, KAIRI stated that she felt goosebumps while she wrestled Mercedes outside of the WWE, as this was probably something that she never actually thought would ever happen.

"[I] was feeling goosebumps when [I] saw Mercedes Mone," KAIRI said through an interpreter. "To be able to have a match against Mercedes Mone for the IWGP Women's Belt was very monumental." KAIRI failed to win her match against Mercedes when she fought her.

However, her fight with Mercedes at the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 17 is something that she is super fond of. "Mercedes Mone and [KAIRI] are very close friends both on-screen and off-screen, and she respects Mone as a wrestler and as a woman," KAIRI's interpreter explained, "To see her at the Tokyo Dome and the challenge before they fought again in the U.S., KAIRI might've lost the match, but it could've been one of the best moments of her entire career so far."