Nick Aldis on NWA being a True Promotion

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Nick Aldis on NWA being a True Promotion

Nick Aldis is the current NWA world heavyweight champion. He is very proud to represent the NWA. And he believes that the organization is a true wrestling promotion. He wants to help the NWA and owner Billy Corgan in bringing the NWA title back to prominence.

NWA is still miles behind the WWE in terms of money, even though they had some of the best professional wrestling legends of the past working for them at one time. He was a guest at the WINCLY podcast where he talked about how NWA is actually a true promotion.

“We're a promotion in a true sense of the word. People are always asking us when we are going to get our own show and sign a bunch of wrestlers and get a building. That's not a promotion. A promotion if you look at boxing and MMA to an extent, with the exception of UFC, which took the WWE model.

Promotions usually represent other fighters and athletes, and they work with other promotions to organize an event and promote it”. It appears as though Nick Aldis likes the old school definition of a wrestling promotion.

NWA will be holding the Crockett Cup which will be a co-branded event. Ring of Honor will be a part of it. The event will be available on FITE TV and HonorClub. It will take place on the 27th of April, 2019.