Nick Aldis on Taking Advice and Learning

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Nick Aldis on Taking Advice and Learning

A professional wrestling needs to learn new skills and moves. He/she also needs to evolve his/her character to make sure that he/she stays relevant. Not all wrestlers can do this, and they don’t get famous or stay famous for a long time.

A promotion may decide not to push a wrestler that they think is not working hard. Although Nick Aldis is the current NWA Heavyweight champion, he stated that he still listens to advice and learns. He was on the WINCLY podcast where he stated that he always tries to learn something new whenever he attends any live event.

“Absolutely. You are always learning. I went to Harley's camp in 2007, so it's really cool for me. I saw him in St. Louis when I had this match with AJ on Impact on live TV, so it was really cool to see him that day and be in that spot and get the reaction I got.

I've seen him a couple of times during house shows when we were in the area. I hadn't seen him for a long time, so I was curious if he knew anything about any of the NWA stuff. I know in the beginning when we first started to do this stuff we reached out to Harley.

He had basically said, "Thanks but no thanks. No offense, but I've seen too many reincarnations attempts with the NWA and wasn't very impressed."