Matt Taven on Winning ROH Title

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Matt Taven on Winning ROH Title

Most professional wrestlers in the world today need to work really hard to get to the top of a famous promotion. In fact, getting into a famous wrestling promotion itself is a big achievement for most wrestlers. Most wrestlers spend their entire wrestling careers wrestling for different promotions.

They struggle to make ends meet and even get injured while performing. Ring of Honor is not as big as the WWE, but many famous WWE superstars wrestled at Ring of Honor before joining the WWE. So Ring of Honor is important for the world of professional wrestling.

They focus on telling a great story inside the ring. That is why, their wrestlers are often very talented and can perform moves very well. Matt Taven is the current ROH World Heavyweight Champion. He won the title at the G1 Supercard event which took place at Madison Square Garden.

He spoke about his victory on the WINCLY podcast and stated that it was the greatest moment of his life. "It's probably the greatest moment of my life. I'm not gonna lie – it was unbelievable," said Taven.

"All my life I've wanted to wrestle in MSG… and here I am not only looking up at that historic feeling, but winning the ROH World Championship. Having 'FU Taven' echo through the halls of MSG – I really couldn't ask for a better moment in my mind to hold onto forever."