Matt Taven on PCO and Scurll

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Matt Taven on PCO and Scurll

There is no doubt that smart wrestlers work really hard to develop a fan base. A wrestler has to cut great promos and work very well in the ring to entertain the fans. He/she must also be able to use social media to create excitement and sell fights.

Indie promotions usually push wrestlers that they think can help them make more money. So the wrestler that wants to receive a push must either be a good baby face or a good heel. A match usually takes place between a heel wrestler and a baby face.

Promotions create hype for a match by holding multiple segments between the competitors. It is also true that some wrestlers want the entire spotlight for themselves. They feel jealous if their fellow wrestlers get cheered. Taven is the current ROH World Heavyweight Champion and he has worked as a wrestler for various promotions for a really long time.

He spoke about Marty Scurll and PCO. PCO gets cheers from the crown and Scurll does not. Taven says that Scurll might feel jealous. "You know that makes Marty so jealous," said Taven. "PCO is a story that's hard not to think 'oh, look at this.'

The guy is 51 and puts his body on the line – hats off to him. That doesn't mean he's gonna be able to beat the top guy. There's only one fairytale ending in wrestling and we saw it come true in MSG."