Raven Speaks About His Feud With Tommy Dreamer

Raven Speaks About His Feud with Tommy Dreamer and How He Should Have Got More Attention

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Raven Speaks About His Feud With Tommy Dreamer

Raven was a famous ECW star and is also a former WWE star. In the WWE, he wasn’t that popular. However, he was one of the best and popular stars that ECW had. ECW was one of the only promotions hardcore wrestling fans could go to, if they did not wish to watch WWE’s product at one time.

ECW was eventually bought by the WWE and many ECW legends eventually signed with the WWE.

Raven Speaks About His Feud with Tommy Dreamer and Importance of Selling

Raven was recently on The Snake Pit podcast and he spoke to the legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Raven spoke about the art of selling, which he believes are the reason why his matches were so popular during the 90s. "I don't think me and [Tommy] Dreamer ever got the true credit for our matches that we got for our program," Raven said.

"Our program got hailed ... I'd put [the feud] against any two feuds ever ... the matches were spectacular too but I don't think they ever got the full credit because of how much selling we did. Which is so anathema to the people who just like to do high spots and the people that like to watch high spots." Raven believes that ‘smart’ fans want more action in the matches.

Raven thinks that storytelling is actually more important than the action that takes place during the matches. He was even surprised at one time when he received praise from Dave Meltzer. Dave praised Raven’s ability to sell.

Tommy Dreamer, Raven’s old rival, recently brought him up during a conversation. Tommy stated that he might be the reason for some of Raven’s health problems. "Did I cause Raven to have health issues later on in his life?" Dreamer asked.

What Tommy Dreamer is probably not aware of is the fact that Raven can still perform very well despite his age. Tommy Dreamer. Raven has in fact been working as an active wrestler for several months. He is no longer a full-time wrestler though and only appears very occasionally to wrestle.

He was recently involved with Major League Wrestling’s Battle Riot, which took place earlier this year. Raven was well known for being one of the only wrestlers in the world to take brutal chair shots without getting injured badly. Of course, that may have shortened his career and ability to have longer matches or continue as a full-time wrestler.

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