Lucha Underground Talents Released

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Lucha Underground Talents Released

It was reported that El Rey Network and Lucha Underground’s production Baba-G Productions had been fighting multiple lawsuits against some of its superstars. Last month they settled some of them. The superstars that they filed lawsuits against are El Hijo Fantasma, Texano Jr., Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and Thunder Rosa.

These wrestlers were released by Lucha Underground as that was the settlement. The superstars felt that Lucha Underground had tied them to itself. Lucha Undergrounds last taping were back in June last year. There are no plans for season five.

Lucha Central reported that Jeff Cobb, Sonny Kiss and Famous B are also going to file lawsuits. They also want to get out of Lucha Underground and most likely want to be released. SoCal Uncensored is a pro wrestling news site in Southern California and they reported that Lucha Underground, through the owner of AAA Dorian Roldan, wanted to threaten Ring of Honor and NWA using a cease and desist for making Willie Mack work at their events.

Mack worked the NWA’s Crockett Cup that took place last Saturday. He lost the NWA National Championship to Colt Cabana. Mack took to Twitter to talk about the situation in slight detail: "If there is a fight between a rat and a cockroach. Whoever wins you're still gonna catch something. Now I've gotta pick a side and it's gonna be rough."