ROH Tag Team Calls Out a WWE Tag Team

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ROH Tag Team Calls Out a WWE Tag Team

Recently, the Usos from The WWE got called out by the Briscoe Brothers from Ring of Honor. Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe talked to Rebellious Noise recently. They were at the Madison Square Garden last month after a Ring of Honor event.

This happened backstage. "We just really... at this point, man, we just want big time matches," Jay said. "And for that to happen, we need big time tag teams to wrestle again. So... yo Usos, what's good? Have your people call my people, we can do this."

"We can make it work out, we can work it out," Mark added. The Usos have not accepted or even responded to the challenge ever since it was issued. They will most likely never wrestle outside of the WWE when they are signed with it.

We will still provide updates as they come. The Briscoe Brothers are a veteran wrestling tag team and have wrestled for more than 20 years. They were never hired by the WWE in any capacity. They participated in November 2009 at a WWE tryout and fought at Florida Championship Wrestling later, but they failed to secure a WWE Contract.

They stated that the WWE simply did not hire them because of their style and look which didn’t fit well in the company at that time. The Briscoe Brother have won the ROH World Tag Title 10 times.