PCO Talks about The One Thing That Will Never Change

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PCO Talks about The One Thing That Will Never Change

PCO is the current Ring of Honor World Six-Man Tag Team Champion and he is also the NWA Tag Champion. He was a guest at the Busted Open Radio. He spoke about the storytelling that is a major part of the professional wrestling industry.

PCO is the one of the 3 members of the Villain Enterprises. He stated that storytelling is a something that will remain a permanent part of the wrestling industry, even though the industry has gone through so many changes.

"I think the big thing about this businesses is living with changes with the evolution in the business," PCO said. "A lot of things are changing in this business, but one thing that will never change is the ability to tell a story - this is one thing that will never change."

He also took the opportunity to talk about himself and his hunger for gaining new knowledge and passing on his experience to the younger wrestlers. "Most of the times, I'm listening to the younger generation. If I think it's important to put my two cents in, I will," PCO said.

"But I've been picking up on brains. Like Bully Ray has a great mind for this business. There's a bunch of other guys behind the scenes that are incredible with ideas. For me it's a team effort. I'm trying to get as much from everybody like a big mastermind association”.