Richard Holiday Speaks About Doing a Death Match in GCW

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Richard Holiday Speaks About Doing a Death Match in GCW
Richard Holiday Speaks About Doing a Death Match in GCW © Jeremy Lambert/fightful

Most professional wrestlers in the world become super popular after joining the WWE. However, there are a few indie wrestlers that become famous without the WWE’s help. On of them is Richard Holiday. Richard was known for working at MLW.

His last match was against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Richard Holiday Speaks About His GCW Experience and Death Matches

After leaving MLW, he stayed at Beyond Wrestling for a while, which is a Northeastern promotion. After that, he started working for GCW and challenged Blake Christian, who held the GCW World Heavyweight Title.

This happened back in July. Richard spoke to ‘Haus of Wrestling’ recently about the events, and stated that they were awesome. "Awesome, it was electric," Holliday said. "GCW, I think some people do have that perception of 'Grizzled death match.

Hardcore, blood, guts, all that. But I think they recognize when a star is a star, and the time was right to have me there. It was an electric environment, my first match was for the Heavyweight Championship. What an environment it was.

It was such a good show, and I am back for GCW on September 10, in Brooklyn." However, Richard has made it clear that he is not comfortable with GCW’s death match style matches. This is something that he may never do at GCW, although he admitted that he might change his mind in the future.

"Let's go with the word 'no,'" Holliday said. "I would say no. I think that's fair to say. Now, if the right ... Listen, I've been known to get blood on other people. Ask my friend Hammerstone, who I have made up with by the way. Me and Hammerstone are cool again.

I've bloodied him up, so ... you know, I guess I can not definitively say no. Let's go with the very classic wrestling term of 'never say never.' " Death matches are extremely brutal. Wrestlers use florescent lights, chairs, barb wires, tables, and other weapons during the match.

They usually involve a lot of blood, and the WWE has never held a death match ever since they went PG. Although there is blood involved in some WWE matches, hardcore matches and matches that involve a lot of blood are commonplace in indie wrestling.

That is one of the reasons why some indie wrestlers are tough, but are not good technically, as it is not their technique that sells the match sometimes.