Dorian Roldán on MSG Show

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Dorian Roldán on MSG Show

There are a handful or professional wrestling promotions that had a show at the Madison Square Garden. It is considered by many as one of the greatest achievements a wrestling promotion can achieve. A wrestling promotion has to be extremely successful in order to host a show at the Madison Square Garden.

The venue itself is not cheap. Dorian Roldan, Managing Direction of AAA, spoke about seeing his family dream being realized on September the 15th, when Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide will make its MSG debut. His uncle wanted this to happen back when the founded the company.

"I think for any entertainment company in the world, all of us share that dream that is to be in that iconic venue," Roldán said. "Speaking about this show in particularly, it was a long process. We have been in discussions with Madison Square Garden for several years.

At least in the last couple of years, we have been really much more aggressive trying to close a deal. We were trying to enter since the last year. We were in a position to book the venue a year ago, to make the show in 2018.

But we weren't prepared or in a trustful position to be successful”. The promotion still has a very long way to go before they even come close to beating the best promotions of the world.