Priscilla Kelly on Being Called an Embarrassment

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Priscilla Kelly on Being Called an Embarrassment

Many twitter wars have resulted in some awesome storylines. Some twitter wars are in fact part of storylines that are created by the WWE. Of course, sometimes things get really serious on Twitter, and people think that they are not part of the script.

Sometimes fans get involved in Twitter wars as well. These days, Jim Cornette and Joey Ryan are going at each other’s throats on Twitter. It all started when Ryan tweeted about the comments that Cornette made on Sonny Kiss.

Jim blamed Ryan for the negative response thread that resulted due to those Tweets. Recently, a fan wrote to Joey Ryan and Priscilla Kelly on Twitter. He wrote, “Like how you and Joey Ryan are an embarrassment to professional wrestling? Can I make that assumption Jim Cornette?" Kelly replied by writing,” What's embarrassing is the toxic homophobia that Jim Cornette spews.

I'd like to say Joey Ryan and I create entertainment, moments fans will remember, without any negativity or judgment to anyone." All of this does not seem to be part of any storyline and it looks like Joey and Jim will have a fight, at least a verbal one, in the near future.

Joey has been criticized in the past for some of the ‘vile’ things he does in the ring, especially during inter-gender matches. Joey has fought some of the best indie female wrestlers of the world.