Shane Taylor on Favorite Wrestler and Legend's Advice

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Shane Taylor on Favorite Wrestler and Legend's Advice

Many WWE wrestlers and professional wrestlers all over the world listen to senior wrestlers. In fact, some of the best wrestlers in the world are actually simply following the advice that was given to them by legendary wrestlers.

Even though some wrestlers are great in the ring, the wrestlers that can cut a good promo and be good in the ring are usually given a push. Some wrestlers need a lot of help with promos. The current Ring of Honor Television Champion is Shane Taylor.

He was on the Ring of Honor’s Colum on the 10 Questions With section. He spoke about winning the ROH Television Title, his favorite wrestler and William Regal’s advice. "My favorite wrestler growing up was Ron Simmons.

On top of being the first recognized African American World Heavyweight Champion, he also did so just being an incredible athlete. Simply worked hard and made it to the top. He wasn't a caricature of black culture as so many people are portrayed as today,” revealed Taylor.

About William Regal’s advice he said: "The best advice would actually be from William Regal, who said, "Go out there and perform like people are always seeing you for the first time." That stuck with me and is why every match, every city, every venue, the people get the very best of Shane Taylor. No off days, no phoned-in performances. You get me at my best."