Eddie Kingston Criticizes Selfish, Greedy Part-Time World Champions

Eddie Kingston's Passionate Stand on Championship Ethics

by Noman Rasool
Eddie Kingston Criticizes Selfish, Greedy Part-Time World Champions
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Eddie Kingston, the reigning Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion, has made it clear that he is dedicated to representing his title with utmost integrity. Since his triumph, Kingston has embraced every challenge head-on, demonstrating his commitment to the championship.

In addition to holding the ROH World Championship, Kingston is also the current holder of the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship, significantly adding to his already demanding schedule. Despite the pressure, he continues to shine as a beacon of dedication in the wrestling world.

Recently, after a notable victory over ROH star Dalton Castle, Kingston expressed his frustrations to Lexi Nair. He criticized other world champions for their lax approach, contrasting their actions with his and Orange Cassidy's dedication.

The conversation highlighted the schedules of notable World Champions like MJF from AEW and Roman Reigns from WWE, sparking discussions among fans and insiders alike.

Champions' Contrasting Schedules

While Kingston is a regular feature on AEW television, AEW World Champion MJF has defended his title only ten times in the past year.

Similarly, WWE's Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns has had only 11 matches in 2023. These statistics stand in stark contrast to Kingston's relentless schedule. Kingston voiced his exhaustion, not just from defending his titles, but from witnessing certain World Champions who appear to coast on their reputation.

He emphasized the responsibility of a World Champion to elevate the entire company they represent, likening the champion to a tide that raises all ships. He praised fellow wrestlers like Orange Cassidy and MOX for their work ethic, setting them apart from other champions who he described as "selfish" and "greedy." Kingston, holding back from using stronger language, reaffirmed his commitment to the fans, declaring himself as a true World Champion.

Kingston's journey to the top culminated at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam in September, where he defeated Claudio Castagnoli to become the ROH World Champion. Following his victory, Kingston announced a renewed contract with AEW, solidifying his place in the wrestling world.

His passionate declaration is a reminder of the dedication and spirit that defines a true champion in the realm of professional wrestling.

Eddie Kingston