Athena Accuses Mouse of Failing Billie Starkz at ROH Final Battle


Athena Accuses Mouse of Failing Billie Starkz at ROH Final Battle
© Athena/Twitter

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the personal and the professional often intertwine in captivating storylines. The latest development in this arena is the brewing controversy involving Athena, the current Ring Of Honor (ROH) Women's Champion, and her upcoming challenger, Billie Starkz.

At the heart of this unfolding drama is a unique figure – Mouse, known primarily as an independent pro wrestling photographer, but also as the father of ROH women's contender, Billie Starkz.

Athena's Blunt Challenge

The tension escalated recently when Athena took to social media to deliver a potent and direct message to Mouse, challenging not just his daughter's prowess in the ring but also questioning his success as a parent.

Athena's tweet was as controversial as it was blunt: “I hope you are sitting front row, because I cannot wait to show the world how you failed as a parent,” she wrote, tagging Mouse and adding the hashtag #AndForeverROHChamp, a clear assertion of her confidence in retaining her title.

This bold statement has stirred up considerable attention in the wrestling community, with fans and analysts alike discussing the implications of such a personal attack in a professional setting. Athena's words have added an intensely personal dimension to the already highly anticipated title match at ROH's year-end event, ROH Final Battle 2023.

This development marks a significant moment in the storyline of ROH's women's division. Athena's tactic of involving a family member in the narrative is a bold move that has raised the stakes for the upcoming pay-per-view event.

Fans are now not just anticipating a championship bout but also a showdown filled with personal vendettas and heightened emotions. As the wrestling world gears up for ROH Final Battle 2023, the spotlight is now firmly on Athena, Billie Starkz, and Mouse.

The dynamics of this trio have added a new layer of intrigue and intensity to the event, promising a spectacle that is as emotionally charged as it is physically demanding. With the world watching, the question now is whether Athena can back up her words in the ring and whether Billie Starkz can rise above the personal challenges to claim the coveted ROH Women’s Championship.