Shane Taylor on Making a Name for Himself

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Shane Taylor on Making a Name for Himself

Shane Taylor recently won with the Ring of Honor TV Title. He fought in a Four Corner Survival Match at the ROH War of The Worlds event. Jeff Cobb is now the former champion. Shane Taylor got the win, but he didn’t actual pin Cobb for the title.

A win is still a win according to Cobb, doesn’t matter how it came. He spoke about making a name for himself on the WINCLY podcast. Taylor gained recognition for his narrow defeat against Cobb at ROH’s 17th Anniversary Show.

People got an idea about his skills in the ring. "If that's the moment that people decided to open their eyes, then they've been missing everything that I've been doing before that," Taylor said before listing the other great matches he had.

"Going into that I definitely had a point to prove as I've been with ROH for about three years and that was my first singles PPV match. That was my first singles championship match. I definitely have and continue to have a chip on my shoulder and have a point to prove every time I go out there.

Now that their eyes are open, they're getting ready to see just exactly who I am." Taylor will wrestle at ROH’s Best in The World. Bandido will challenge him for the title and that event will take place on the 28th of June.