Enzo Amore on Ring Psychology

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Enzo Amore on Ring Psychology

Enzo Amore is a former WWE Superstar. On the indie circuit, he is known as nZo. Although he was never the best technical wrestler, he revealed that he knows how to draw a reaction out of the fans. He also admitted that he learned about ring psychology after he joined WWE NXT.

He spoke about the importance of good ring work on Keeping it 100 With Konnan podcast. "It was a lot more of an understanding psychology by the time I got to 205 Live that being over is something I can never explain to guys.

I'm sorry, I've never not been over," admitted Enzo. "If you got me in a hold we can sit there and when the people come, I will get up when they come, just trust me on that. Bring me back down if you want because they are still going to come and the only thing I have to do is tag that big mother f***er in, throw the simplest comeback on you; throw me on top of you and we can't have a bad match."

Enzo was one of the most colorful characters that the WWE had in the locker room. He was released from the company a while back and he is no longer active. The last time he appeared for any wrestling promotion was at the G1 Supercard.