Shane Taylor on NWA and ROH Partnership

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Shane Taylor on NWA and ROH Partnership

Small wrestling promotions in the past have worked together. The promotions hope that the partnership can help them become bigger. It is also a good thing for their wrestlers. When they fight fighters from different promotions, they get better and get exposed to different wrestling styles.

Sometimes, promotions send their wrestlers to fight for various promotions so that the promotions that send them get famous. Ring of Honor has recently partnered with NWA. Both promotions are not as big as the WWE right now, so it will be interesting to see what they can do for each other.

It is true that we will see fights between the wrestlers of these promotions though. Shane Taylor, the current ROH TV Champion, spoke about the partnership. He hasn’t fought any wrestler from NWA yet. He spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast.

"I've yet to be involved in any matches involving them. For me it's cool but nobody from there wants to get in the ring with me," said Taylor. "Not the NWA Champion, not the National Champion, nobody. "If I wasn't who I am, getting into the ring with me wouldn't be my top priority."

Taylor is an important figure for Ring of Honor now, especially because he has the ROH TV Title around his waist. His matches will be important ones, and ROH would definitely want their man to best one from NWA.