PJ Black on Sticking with ROH

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PJ Black on Sticking with ROH

Some of the best wrestlers of all time came out of the WWE. The WWE was big 3 decades ago, and it even bigger now. Back then, there were only a very small number of popular wrestlers that the WWE had. Vince McMahon built the company after taking it from his father, and now it is the largest wrestling promotion of the world.

Even though they have a fantastic history, the WWE isn’t doing as well as it used to, and they are also running of wrestlers that are willingly to work for them. Most famous indie wrestlers receive offers from other companies, besides the WWE.

Quite often, indie wrestlers prefer to work for an indie promotion rather than the WWE. This can be due to plenty of reasons! PJ Black, a famous Ring of Honor Wrestler, shared his reason on Wrestling Inc. He stated that the WWE was demanding too much from him and he simply didn’t want to go back to the company and stuck with Ring of Honor.

He was known as Justin Gabriel in the WWE. He was asked whether he was happy about being in ROH. "Totally, totally happy. So happy. I had an opportunity to go back to NXT. It was the same money for 200 shows more, so really that was a no-brainer for me," stated Black.

"I have creative freedom and freedom outside because I do a lot of things outside of wrestling that they let me do whenever. And with creative freedom in wrestling – just to be yourself."