PJ Black on Starting in FCW

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PJ Black on Starting in FCW

Most indie wrestlers can only dream of working for the WWE. The WWE only chooses the best wrestlers of the world to work for them. Some indie wrestlers spent years on the indie circuit before being noticed by the WWE. Many wrestlers spent years working for smaller WWE brands, but could never reach the main WWE roster.

The wrestlers that do make it to the WWE often have a very interesting story to tell. Most indie wrestlers love the WWE, whereas others think that working for the WWE was a bad idea. There is no doubt about the fact that a wrestler can grow really quickly in the WWE.

There are a very small number of wrestlers who made zero progress after joining the WWE. PJ Black is a Ring of Honor wrestler. He was known as Justin Gabriel back in his WWE days. He left the company in 2015, and started to roam around the indie circuit.

He was given an offer by the WWE to return, but he refused and is still part of ROH. He shared his experience wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling, which is WWE’s Developmental Brand. "That was a dream come true for me and, in fact, that was the best year of my life," Black told Wrestling Inc's Joey G.

"I moved to the U.S. and I had no bills. I didn't have a car payment or a mortgage payment. They moved me to this house and Florida and I got to wrestle every single day with my friends. I went to the gym, to wrestling shows and tanned. That was my life for 10 months."