Big Cass on Seizure Changing HIs Life

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Big Cass on Seizure Changing HIs Life

Many WWE wrestlers and indie wrestlers suffer from depression at some point in their careers. Depression is one of the most crippling disorders in the world right now. Many celebrities state that it is a horrible disorder and some successfully celebrities end up taking their own lives due to it.

For a wrestler, depression can mean the death of his/her career. Wrestlers often do not seek medical attention as their busy schedule and pressure from their promotion does not allow them to do it. Some wrestlers are forced to quit and seek medical attention, especially if their problem forced them to quit.

CazXL is an indie wrestler, and he was known as Big Cass in the WWE. He was a guest on the DDP Yoga Awareness. He too suffered from depression and nearly died due to it. He didn’t seek medical attention and relied on alcohol to get rid of the pain he suffered at that time.

He eventually suffered a seizure which he claims changed his life. "I went to do the House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia," Caz said. "Going into the show, I hadn't slept in two days. Don't remember walking out through the curtain, don't remember going to the autograph table, came to in the ambulance.

And they told me I had a seizure. I took that as a sign from God. God spoke to me that day and he was saying, 'If you want to live this life, you're going to end up dead because this is where your life is heading.' I could have died the night. That's what I was told in the ER.